i really love myself,
Dumb #selfichi
I am really starting to dislike my selfies and I don’t know why bc I really like myself so that makes no sense.
the day i looked like a cute bunny.
I think this might be the first time in my life where other people may think of me as a cute gal.
i feel suuuuper cute today c:
Extraño mi flequito y ser hulk #yesfilter #dospuntocero
Hi, today is monday, still need to finish my homework.
Hace una semana #nofilter
in about 14 hours, I’ll be on a plane heading to Phoenix, so I won’t be using Tumblr for the next 17 days.
On the scale from 1 to “omg is this photoshop”, how rude is considered to erase someone from the picture you like?
My hair makes me feel like a princess and like a pony at the same time. 
This can only mean that I’m your new Pony Princess.